Are you a looking for a way to further grow your church? Do you desire to structure your team for greater impact? If so, the focus412 Online Essential Partnership may be the catalyst to go from average to abundantly more. This powerful online experience will take you through our three-phase process helping you systemize and structure your organization for maximum impact.

The Online Essential Partnership is strategically designed to help you and your team refine the most important elements of your organization.

Experience and sustain growth as we help you:

Magnifying Glass

Phase ONE

DISCOVER a strong foundation 

Aligning fundamental organizational components to ensure health


Phase TWO

DESIGN a strong framework

Structuring your staff and volunteer teams for scalable growth



DEPLOY with strategic focus

Leveraging key metrics to strategize future organizational development

Brandon Ball
Church Unlimited
Lead Pastor

“We realized in order to reach more people, we had to organize with greater intention. The focus412 team coached with confidence and passion as we moved through the Essentials. We actually enjoyed finding the gaps in our ministry that we thought were fine. Our mission, strategies and communication are now aligned, and our leaders are all singing the same song! Partnering with focus412 will be one of the best decisions you make – period.”

Josh Whitlow
Heights Church
Lead Pastor

“The focus412 team was instrumental in bringing great ideas to life within our organization. Their intentionality in building relationships with us to better understand our specific needs was second to none. focus412 helped us create a leadership pipeline that empowered our volunteers as well as systematic structures that actually worked. Under clear mission, values and vision our team was motivated and empowered which led to results that skyrocketed!”


1 - Get copy

Get the Essentials

2 - Complete

Complete The Sessions


Grow Your Church

The work process

Enroll using the application below. Each module will bring a fresh perspective and revolutionize your church’s growth and success.
Gather your team and get to work. Each module is designed with you and your team in mind. They allow you to easily work through the fundamental elements of your organization together.
Fully engage in the Essentials. All sessions are facilitated to incentivize creativity in navigating through the process of designing a healthy and scalable organization.
Generate your unique model and method. Submit your completed team content and assignments as you strategically prepare for growth.
Experience growth as you receive personalized feedback from our coaches. Health checks ensure you’re on track.


Exploration of your organizational health

We will help you align fundamental organizational components to ensure health. This includes helping you:

  • Clarify your mission, vision and values
  • Articulate your standards and expectations
  • Integrate your ministry strategies with a systematic approach

Establishing your organizational development

We will help you structure your staff and volunteer teams for scalable growth . This includes helping you:

  • Develop a staff structure based on your priorities
  • Design a volunteer leadership base
  • Define clear infrastructures and objectives

Launching organizational targets

We will help leverage key metrics to strategize future organizational development. This includes helping you:

  • Identify vital data to collect and measure for health
  • Strategically plan for future growth initiatives based on current trends
  • Achieve unlimited potential as a unified lead team

What’s My Investment

The Online Essentials may be the catalyst you need to align your team, structure for growth, and strategize for the future. We believe this program is best for churches with one location and no more than an average attendance of 800. If your church’s attendance is over 800 or you have more than one campus, consider our Onsite Partnership.


3 phase design to help you grow your church.

Each phase broken into easy to tackle modules.

Discussion exercises and questions for you and your team to work through.

One on one coaching to keep your time and focus centered on what’s most important.

How to join the Online Essentials:

The Cost

Your staff/team has the ability to watch together
and has access to all materials at no additional charge.


*The total investment can be made over 6 or 9 month increments

Questions? Call +1 (520) 732-1094